Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress and my little quadrant of it! Many of us find that we have something to say, if we’ve lived long enough to have little tussles with life. For some, that scuffle may have started the moment you consumed air; for others, you may have been gliding along for a while, only to find that aging is quite the chameleon – either for you, or it. Maybe we’ll even name and personify “it” as, “AG“, silent “e”. There now… we’ve started into some ping pong dialogue together – you and I!

So, “whad-up” with the acorn, some of you ask? Well, I see this as a natural part of our world. Other than a tiny group of reproductive engineers, it‘s just a God given nut – or acorn – in the world, an accretion of lifes’ patterns. We humans have the power to crush, burn, or destroy this acorn, when it is in this vulnerable state… but, as it lands on Mother Earth’s soil, it takes hold of her. Then (and only for the lucky ones), it roots and becomes one with nature. It battles a lot of things: weather and seasons, natural disasters, and even a lot of crap that our human species dishes out. We really aren’t the nicest of neighbours at times!

In all of this, it holds its ground – this tiny little soul; and with nature and nurture, and AG… it evolves into this beautiful mighty oak tree. Not so hackable now… is it! It gives back to Mother Nature, and to the rest of us too. We are the ones now who seek its shade, its protection, and sometimes, just a little silent dialogue of communion. I love this journey, that acorns commune with us, as we go hand in hand with AG.


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