“AG” Silent “e”

AGwith a silent “e” is my nickname and personification for aging. I tend to feminize this ism, if you will, which is just a bit Neanderthal of me! I’m still way behind Sweden who, in my opinion, are leading Eurocentric thinking outside the box of gender stereotype roles. In this incarnation, I’m a female, and so I have become quite comfortable with the girl’s room… hence a lot of my perspectives will have that bias. Not apologizing… just “sayin”..! But, that said, I’m also a growing soul, so I reserve the right to grow and glow, and change my tune along the way! Now where was I…

AG is becoming one of my visible partners, in life, as I am presently in my 50’s. If you had asked me, as a kid, what I thought about middle-aged people, or middle-aged living, I wouldn’t have paused long enough to string a composed sentence back “at cha”…why?… because it felt like a long way off, and something to do with old people… and where was I? … nowhere near that state of mind!

My Celtic grandmother was a great one for uttering little one sentence paradoxical thoughts, like,”one morning I’m going to wake up, and find I died the night before…”. She was in the middle of housework one day, and we were listening to some music on the radio. She was ever so slightly jigging to some music, while vacuuming. She paused and said, “you know, I know I am the age I am, but inside I still feel I’m 17!” She was probably in her 70’s at the time. (That gal’s expiry date didn’t show up until she was in her mid-nineties.) At the time, I thought she was just exercising a little survival juice – cognitive dissonance – I know my body is the age it is, but, I just don’t feel that I’m as old as my body is. My grandmother’s generation was a generation that I have always felt very close to, so inside, I didn’t take her words lightly.  

So, you can imagine how I feel now, that I understand that thought, with just a little more humourous trajectory at our AG! The gap is narrowing, and I laugh a lot more, with an affectionate understanding that I too now have an “inside” age! Slow down AG… I’m just behind “ja”…!


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