aMuse: The Feminization of the Working Poor in North America

One of my fascinations with Gloria Watkins, or Bell Hooks when I first met her in print, was her innate ability to write short stories, and thus express her ideas in a construct that replicated fragmented time.  If you didn’t have the day to spend on reading, you could pick up a chapter, here and there, and read the thoughts of this insightful writer.  If you had more time, then you had the privilege and opportunity to grasp her book, in its entirety.

I think Gloria Watkins deliberately wrote in this construct to acknowledge that womens’ lives were busy, and the simplicity of doing just one task at any given time was indulgent.  Reading meditatively was a privilege… it was done in the scarcity of spare time.  It was seen as a waste of time, if you were part of the working poor, or overloaded in your familial roles or contributions.  At the time that I found Gloria’s book, I was a single parent, and a student at Queen’s University.  Failing wasn’t an option, and so her writing spoke to me.

Gloria was a writer who helped make course reading fun.  It was easy to get lost in her inspirational thinking.  She understood that days got loaded with tasks and to do lists; sometimes you only had 2 – 5 minutes to take a break – she was the sort of author that you could read in a bank queue, while waiting for customer service.  Previous chapters were not prerequisites to the next chapter, but you still understood where she was going with her thoughts… it was provoking!  By the mid 70’s Gloria’s work was getting airtime because it addressed the issues of womens’ roles, in our First World’s day-to-day living.

Isn’t it ironic how more and more categories of our humaneness are slipping more and more into a historical pattern of being silenced.  Silencing is used to demean and objectify the voiceless groups of our society.  It perpetuates the transition of turning these groups into feminized units of silenced participants.  It conveniently gets more and more people out of the way (without blood or bruises), while others play and construct a world that is convenient only to themselves.  This silencing renders the majority of us as redundant, or impotent in our acts, and prevents us from curtailing elitist movements, elitist goals, etc.  It begins a goal, on their part, to discredit the voiceless.  I might add these goals only benefit those few, at the cost, the energy, and of us, as a whole.

I am just beginning to wonder on this journey around WordPress, and the world of blogging.  It is a virtual world of readers and writers, of the voluntary kind.  It may also be an ember right out of the French Revolution, in that it does not appear to censor the articulations of the 99 percent, simply because we may have something to say that the remaining 1 percent may not want distributed.  It may be the world in which to build movements of change!


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