Mother’s Walk & Mother’s Watch

There are several projects that are in tentative and formative stages of brainstorming. One such project is the proposal to have a Mother’s Walk, at RMC as well as at the Military Parade Square or Fort Henry, in Kingston, Ontario. The day proposed is Remembrance Day, during the 11th hour, both in the morning and at night: Mother’s Walk at 11:00am, and Mother’s Watch at 11:00pm. A first of its kind. The duration would be open for only one hour. This is not to say that you would need the full hour to walk a designated path. It is a beautiful way to commemorate the memory of our fallen, not only as the “child” of a mother, but as the adult that laid down their life for Canada. You would be with others convening at this time, and lend support to each other, as we remember our son or daughter. It is to remind others of the continued presence of these beautiful souls.

At the moment of 11:11am, we would stop and join others in a moment of silence, regardless of where we were on the walk – just as our loved ones were in different places around the world, at the time of their transition (back into spirit). I guess the point is we would not all be at one place, but rather stretched out over the course – as we are in life. The path would start at the Arches, move along the waterfront, and on out to the new gates. For the fit and weathered, it might even continue around the waterfront of Fort Henry, and come to a stop at the parking area on the hill. It makes a circle, or an infinite 8… just like M & W do, when stacked. Never to be forgotten. Always to be remembered.

Our family has decided to join one famous Mom in her stride, and she has walked/jogged for many years now. As mothers and women, we are so proud of you Min! You are my Muse and inspiration!

Let’s find some people, who can bring this project to fruition.. Let’s get this done ladies!

Post Script

The idea has been getting feedback among friends and colleagues. When I hear a good amendment, it is worth its serious consideration. Here is one such amendment. The idea behind this is that as mothers, and fathers, and parents, we bring children into this world. For a great deal of us, we care for them. We bring them up. In all fairness, this could easily transition to the Parent’s Walk and the Parent’s Watch. I am also a very visual person, and so where do we attach the infinite “8” factor? The proposal has gone out to both RMC and to St. Lawrence Parks Canada to consider. We are still waiting to hear what both organizations think of the idea. The countdown is on…


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