9 Hours & 54 Minutes

Zach creates a project with Matt

These are Matt’s total hours, so far, toward his seals as a deep water diver. He is also down to 70-90 feet! The goal for this seal is 160 feet and 50 hours – all conducted underwater. Of course, Matt will never have that official piece of paper. The real honour goes to Zach Huitema, who is earning his seals, as a deep underwater diver. Zach is putting in the slog and long hours to achieve this; Zach also gave Matt his own log in sheet, separate from his. Zach does this to honour his buddy. It warms the heart, this gesture from your generation to ours.

It makes diving a little different, when you know you are not alone in the depths of one of our Great Lakes. Matt’s commemorative piece is tucked in safely! Although, Zach did mention one occasion, when he thought he was going to lose him to the bottom of Lake Superior. Matt was put on shore that day, and made to stay there, until the crew were up from their dive. We were laughing about this story, over brunch on Remembrance Day. I guess Matt gets loose occasionally from his lodging, so he gets parked in a more secure setting, during those times. It is the ongoing spiritedness that our family loves and holds reverent.

Why are some of us so uncomfortable speaking about our “dead”? Matt made the best of what life offered to him, when he was alive. Why would this part of his character suddenly fall off, after death? Why do some people think it would drop off? We don’t have the answers, and we have to remind those that think they do, that they don’t. Why do we seek or stay in iconic shelters/ institutions of the past, when we experience such significant transitions? We don’t know the answers, and because we don’t know the answers, it is a part of the journey that is inspiring. It lends to the ambivalence of hope…everlasting.

In this case, it allows Matt to go on with us. It is a way to celebrate him in our hearts. He will move forward, on his own path; but, maybe this is a way for us to celebrate the crossing of our paths; that we loved all the life events that were a part of that crossing; and that maybe, if we are lucky, our paths will cross again.

Why do we strike up conversation with some strangers, and feel an instant familiarity? Why do we sometimes feel we have known them for a long time? Why do we exchange conversation to say,”I feel I have known you for a long time, even though we have only just met”?. Maybe it is because we have…

I salute you, and wish you love and light upon your journeys, wherever you may go!


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