Roaming Around The Blogs

If you had asked me, as a kid, to envision a virtual world, where clicking was as easily trained as hand writing, I might have looked at you, and thought of you as a little bit quirky! Not being stupid, not behaving naive, no not any of that.. just because, now, you were going to have to explain the “why” to me. Fertile imagination!

This blogging is something I have only just picked up, last summer. I’m not a geek on the keyboard – wish I was – so things will slowly evolve on my blogs. There are 3 of them: this one for the artistic journey, there is one for the quirky personal side (, and one to share the journey with my son, who transitioned back to spirit realm, just a year ago ( There will be lots of Irish humour, quirky tales (what we, in the family, call our “Walt Disney” moments, or Murphy’s Law moments), and some thoughts, pondering, and photos, to share with the new world order of people, that have come to live in this sphere of blogging.

This is a world of flat-lining. Here, we are not our material social stratosphere, where we are now stretched to the limits of, money & wealth, timing, health, public & private balance of living.  Have you noticed that it doesn’t matter what our ages are anymore? We interact, without adhering to a rigid protocol of: who is older than who; who has paid their dues; who is more knowledgeable or credible than who; who, because of i.e. money, has more airtime over someone else, etc. It flat-lines because the distribution of wealth is not based on money – or so it seems to me. As a result, we interact with each other, and where we can, we give, more freely, of our time, our knowledge, and genuine virtual company to each other. Money is a part of it, but it does not dominate the field. To stretch the fabric of society here, is to widen the social network, and not to further deepen the haves verse the have-nots.

Some of your blogs (that I have popped into so far) are considerably more sophisticated than mine, and hopefully you will mentor those of us, who are just learning. Hopefully some of us will be able to hold back the proverbial nannies and rigid thinkers in our world, long enough, so that the new world of social networking can get a solid footing – although really, I think we are there already! I’ve noticed that some of us are drawn to art and writing, as our passionate side. Blogging, to me, means I can shift the paradigm from what I draw a paycheck doing, to doing what I love to spend time doing. To those of you, who have begun making some money at what you love to do, I hope you will mentor those of us, who are coming along behind you. This is a far more gracious world, than the one out there, beyond the keyboard, that is going into a partial collapse, of many degrees.

So thank you for building the rooms, and the worlds, that you have in this blogging sphere. As I’ve said to my daughter, and to those open to reincarnation, the last time you guys were around you built some pyramids, and got us through the Great Wars. This time  ’round you’re building again, only it isn’t the tangible… it’s the social network!!

In spirithood and to all our relations! A’ ho..


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