You Can’t Change What You Can’t Talk…

Sally Armstrong, activist and journalist, was sharing with Anna Maria Tremonti, her insights about the book she just launched,”Ascent of Women”. Anna Maria Tremonti, of CBC’s The Current, is also a well known Canadian journalist, with her own repertoire of global journalism. The statement made by Sally Armstrong, “if you can’t talk about it, you can’t change it..”, struck me. This is a basic formula, pure and simple. All this when we are celebrating International Women’s Day today, and will be celebrating Earth Day this coming April 22nd.

It’s not that we don’t want to talk the secrets, the sacred..and to debunk them; it’s how to talk about it, without being demonized, or worse killed. The generations that are now with us, are not afraid. What will you do today that shares this goal? Something simple, nothing grand, but something that says, “I’m not happy with the way things are going… things must change if it is to be better for the next generation… for the ones that are here now, and for the ones to come.” Say it aloud over your Tim Hortons or Starbucks coffee today. Just so that someone else hears it. You may be the inspiration that someone else needs, in order to do their part in what needs to be.

Men were discussing “0 population” 30 years ago, because they were not sure they could guarantee the air their offspring might breathe, 50 years after their death… I think we are all on the right page intuitively. We just have to act upon it, however gently your part might be.

But be…

In spirithood & sisterhood,

Love to all.. my heart is with you today!


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