3 More CF Passings

If 4 soldiers in three months at CFB Cold Lake, AB didn’t make the news in late 2011… or a mere day and a half online commentary at The Kingston Whig Standard, for Officer Cadet Mathieu Le Clair was deemed as sufficient airing in 2012, then, regrettably, I don’t think we have hit the tipping point yet!!   Tragically, behind each of these dog tags is a vibrant soul, who will not be home, in body, for the holidays.  Families are painfully aware of their absence.  It isn’t the soldier, per se, that CF attacks, as they extricate themselves from “attributable cause of death” during a soldier’s life review.  It is instead the families these young men and women leave behind, be it in the wake of suicide, homicide, or sickness accrued, while serving. Collateral damage acceptance levels aren’t stats.. they are our sons and daughters. These sons & daughters are dying at home on Canadian soil …. this, at a time when we are not at war.
My heart goes out the the newest members of this special circle. It will take more than the energy of this special circle to change the mindset of our military culture; we just have to figure out when the rest of Canada wants to be on board…
Respectfully in spirithood,

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