Are U6T+?

[Put on Bon Jovi’s, “It’s My Life”, while reading this.. add some audio sense to the sight-line of this musing!!] Dedicated to those who stand their ground..

We.. may be a game-changer to the generations that follow us – we will not be sliding downhill in polyester, unless its components provide an upgrade to thermal outer-wear.. or we are in a test market for the latest and thinnest water-resistant, rain-resistant, wind-resistant clothing to keep up with those minimalists, who travel.. ever so lightly!! Dupont is a company that creates, develops, and markets new synthetics to a global market.  They are just down the road, and on the shores of Lake Ontario, just beyond the source of the St. Lawrence River.  I mention them, in passing, because they were synonymous with “polyester” in my youth.. you’re not going to stick that “stuff” on me when I get older!!?! polyester, or blue hair dye?..

We are the baby-boomers.. we are the weight of the world’s demographic activists, mold-breakers, outliers (although they have been around since the dawn of humanoid activity..really!!!), mavens, and musicians with a synthetic engineering edge.. we dance on a dime to different tunes.. we are registered on different broadbands.. and I hope we will be the ones to push the next biggest thing since the Internet… and that is the beginning of a “merging”…!

Let me tell you what that word means to me…

Merging thought and activity with our own humanoid-kind..

Merging our kind with all that live on Mother Earth, Amerin..

Merging our kind with “Home”, and its elements… and not being afraid to accept that we are not the dominant species “here” or at Home.. that’s a big one.. because the “fear” element, and its control elements..are really getting in the way of human progress!

Recognizing that we, as a species, have a collective memory,  which we share with each other, both to retrieve memories… and to converse with others in our present; to move along our development, and our evolution.  I’m not a specialist, but I am sure there are those who tinker with this stuff in a formal setting… as the military certainly do .. they call it “remote viewing”.. move the mind outside the body to a trajectory, or a longitude/latitude, to view the current movement in its quadrant..then get back to the body’s base-camp with the mind’s report!!

..Merge.. collective memory with our physical thoughts, our physical emotions.. in order to communicate/converse with each other as one unit.. scary to some, I am sure!!  Put the legacy of “The Law of Oneness” back on the table.. in these merging times of regrowth: of nationalism, objectifying others, and a lack of distribution of (human)wealth.  For those who are comfortable communing with spirit, and “Home” base, we could be merging the higher order of knowledge, communication, and developing non-linear evolution… where might that take us?! Baby-boomers are just the crew to take on this adventure, this experiment.. don’t ya think!?

After all, we are the next to leave the planet; why not set up some communication projects to circumvent that post-expiration date!  We are a part of the continuum, part of earth’s collective legacy…

..And as we are beginning to leave the planet now it were.. what are we leaving behind for our future generations?! .for those who will take over the reins?!..what are we leaving behind for our minimalists?!  For millennia, our First Nations have referred to critical thinking, action, and strategy as crucial to leaving behind the best wellness for the next 7 generations.. that 100% consensus-building has not yet hit a trajectory mark in our Euro-centrist dogma.  They the way.. are leaving!

As an added tidbit.. to those of us, who are registered as multiple births, we have long since had our own 3D language…  at some point.. at the beginning of our lives, we realized these singlets around us didn’t and still don’t have the same language!!  No fuss!  Take it with a wry smile!!..make ’em wonder what you’re smiling about…  After all, it is the journey that is the ride!

….As Bon Jovi’s my life.. it’s now or never; and I’m not going to live forever..   My heart is like an open highway. Like Frankie said I did it my way.  I just wanna live while I’m alive.. it’s my life.

An old Ohio Buckeye living in Leesburg VA

This old Ohio guy is currently living in Virginia.. it didn’t walk there on its own legs..don’t think it was on vacation, or getting lost on a crossroad somewhere.. perhaps it was careening inside someone’s pocket… just waiting for a pit-stop, seed-stop, etc.

It isn’t just standing around either.. it is a bulletin board of sorts for humanoids in the area..that key was well embedded.. all work and no play make Jack a very dull boy!  Gotta love the human  spirit!  I throw this gauntlet to you my friend.. Luv and light on your journeys ❤


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