Colloquialisms – “What’s in your Geo-pocket?”

So, what’s in your neighbourhood? ..your Geo-pocket?

Global migration, emigration, sabbatical leaves, PTO experiences, (and lately Airbnb experiences)…bring all sorts of people to us; who bring all sorts of colloquialisms in their pockets to enrich the space we play in and inhabit.

“You’re so tight you couldn’t rub the beaver off a nickel!!”…One of my colleagues stuffed this one in her pocket, as she hiked on out of Alberta, although I suspect it didn’t originate there, but rather that it is uniquely one of hers!  An expression of frustration, I gather, that addresses the concerns of our material world?!. or, perhaps more accurately, the inequality that is riddled and mired in it?!  I’ll get back to you on this one, as I wish to hear her elaborations… because who knows with ;D;D… it could absolutely “hoof off” in another direction!!  “Hoof off” is one of mine, but this is simply what happens when two quirky gals get together, and share their stories about some of the unusual paths they’ve taken on this latest ride Language collides, crashes into one another.. redefines, reevaluates,  rediscovers itself…reincarnates… all in the aura/arena of laughter, one of our greatest medicines, I believe!  Of late, I have become fascinated again with language, and how we incorporate and relate.

As Colorado’s OneRepublic (“Native”) says, “I was looking for an angel to chase the devil out of mine.” ..or as my aMuse tells me.. to chase around the devil that’s in mine!! “He was a million miles from a million dollars; but you could never spend his wealth..”  I think it speaks about our spiritual wealth; something not synonymous with our piggy banks; something that we can take with us beyond the grave.. for those inclined!  I found their work very recently, and really like the naughty-nice duality that they intertwine in their lyrics.. never mind the drop dead gorgeous rhythm, acoustics, video accoutrements, etc., that physically play with your sensibilia.

Global migration, emigration, sabbatical leaves, PTO experiences… these are the norm in today’s world of travel, and you don’t need to be an augur of Ancient Rome to find an experience that right-fits with your heart’s notion of growth, be it spiritual growth, or whatever rocks your socks, as needed or as desired.  You don’t need to belong to elite or privileged classes to pack your bags, and drop all that is in your gear, to expand this ride’s experience!  Go play in someone else’s Geo-pocket, and take your colloquialisms with you to share with those you find there.. don’t forget to ask them how they see and view their language, so that you can go colliding together!!

“Let’s play a game, where all the lives we’re in can change…” because..“..all that really matters is we’re doing it right now…”  By the way, a big thank you to OneRepublic for writing about that which amuses your minds, and then sending/singing it out into the world for the rest of us to merge with.. you’ve got quite the knack!!

To all our relations (then and and there),


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