Sensibilia – Right-fitting Your Heart’s Notion of Growth

Sunrise on the St. Lawrence & Gananoque Rivers on Victoria Weekend 2016

Two summers ago, this is what I was coming home to…

It was a year of changes in the communication industry, whereby cut-throat decisions were placating the frenzy of bean-counters wanting to feed the greed of stakeholders, who desired more bang for their buck… too many times at the cost of chopping more off the “quality of life” for the working poor.

My department moved hemispheres.  We remained employed – that was a relief – but we started back at the bottom of another department; that… despite the tenure and hard work, already invested in creating problem-solving formulas for industry-first transitions.  Fourteen years ago the FCC raised the anti on what people could do with “their” pride and joy – their phone number.  But whose “pride and joy” was it really!?  You used your number as a source-point of contact and for communication.  For some this was an identity icon that had embedded its sequence of digits as part of your art form, or part of a mnemonic code spelling out your short messages.  Ownership, despite who paid the bill, was still in the industrial hand of the service providers, not the consumer!  It was a revelation to many that this “icon” was not really theirs to hold on to.. not theirs to retain.. if the industry so chose to change any rule, within those espoused by the FCC.  It was indeed a conscious-raising of what.. in the everyday chest of toys..  truly was in the consumer’s control.

My writing skills were my written assets, as an individual.  My schedule was about to do a 140.  I was about to join the ranks of the night-life.  I decided that there had to be something in it for me… what you see is what I decided to do… I am a night-hawk, but not an all-niter!  Sunrises were not in my repertoire.. more-so it was the sunsets!  But coming home at 5:00 am in the morning was putting me in the right moment and place to take the shots, and to watch Amerin dawn her colors for the breaching of another day.. and all in the calmness and on the waters of the Saint Lawrence River.. the 26th largest river in the world!

This became my focus.. my paradigm shift to extricate an element of fine art into my other-wise high-jacked schedule.  How to make the best of what was given, and placed upon the plate that summer!  These  still are the most vivid morning sunrises I have had the pleasure of being witness to.. conscious of..  all during the waxing and waning of the Summer Solstice.

It is a disappointment that humans are factoring less in importance, when slicing off another operational cost, but one has to figure out whether.. you demean and let your presence in your own life’s value fall below that of your own autonomous value, or whether.. you gather energy and courage to stuff that plate with more of the food-types that you find invigorating.  It is easier said than it is to piggy-back your interests off a paid gig that may one day eliminate the human component from its equation completely… but it is better to ride that pig into a better pasture of sensibilia, and genuine presence.  After all what you do and represent as your own iconic definition.. is what makes you tick.. and what makes you…YOU!!


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