The Reverberation: 1973


Yesterday, I posted a salute to Former White House Counsel John W. Dean as a commendation for his ground – stood and held – in 1973, against participation in the Watergate affair.  As mentioned in Merriam-Webster’s, “Word of the Day” his word “calamity” on “Twitter” was trending, but their word that day was imprecate.  The humor was not lost, nor its subliminal illusion!   A new president is now seated in power, and the North American continent will see what reverberations will come to fruition.  The public tweets, as does the 45th president.  You can follow John Dean’s tweets @JohnWDean.

The air resonated that summer of 1973 with the rumbling undertones of impeachmentThe US military were on both sides of the Atlantic with those discussions.  While historical figures, such as John Dean, were in the camera’s public eye, as part of the White House’s foists, the stone had already been cast into the pond of ordinary lives, and waves were already rippling outward.

I had just turned 18 that summer, when “Uncle Phil”, our host, got the call one Sunday, late in July of 1973, to head into London immediately.  He was my high school friend’s cousin; and for some reason he felt ill-equipped in the art of babysitting two teenagers; however, he was in fact a phenomenal, and gracious host, along with his Dad, “Uncle Stan”.  He was a well-ranked officer with Her Royal Majesty’s fleet in Portsmouth, and dedicated to his career.  My friend and I had spent a couple of weeks in the hospitality of these two admirable Anglo-Saxons, with day excursions out to New Forest, Hampshire, and London.  But.. on this day we were gathered and placed in the car for the ride to London’s Thames and Putney’s neighbourhood.

I don’t recall now if we had planned to visit London that day, but the unexpected call had become the foible in the plans.  Orders were called out, and we were suddenly bundled into the car for London.  The car was ushered through the military gatehouse and into the compound, with minimal questioning.  Uncle Phil was not questioned about the two teenage kids in tow.  The day’s journey changed slightly, when we were handed off to a spritely young American officer, not much older than ourselves.  A young dapper, and energetic American soldier was bestowed and ordered to babysit (us) the teenage girls.. I don’t recall seeing his style cramped with us as his new charges!  We were two young Canadian kids, the Americans were already there, and the Brits were hosting the affair!  Uncle Phil moved quickly into a designated area of the grounds for his sudden meeting, and we were guided and moved along to a more social outdoor lawn and gathering, as entourages.

The conversation flowed, as he was gifted at entertaining his audience…which were now junior officers, and a small presence of civilians.. but we were all in an inner circle..!!  He quipped,“I think by the time I get home this weekend, I may have a new boss.” At the time it went over our heads!!  He was cajoled by a young British officer, in a tete-a-tete of military foibles, but held his ground well against the light and verbal taunting.  The British officer, upon realizing that the bantering wasn’t gaining any ground, finally  turned sharply on his heel and gibed,“Don’t forget, we sent our unwanted to rule your kind!”  Our American officer just shrugged his shoulders at us, and said something to the effect that maybe he didn’t like being outgunned by a Yankee, per se!!  The meeting went “well”, and we were on our way again within a few hours.  Funny what you remember, and put into your chest of ponderings!

Such are the ripples of these times .. and affairs!

As one, who believes in reincarnation, I am enchanted with the idea.. the notion.. and abstract.. of a return visit by one spoiled brat and once King Henry VIII, who brought down the monopoly of Catholicism, with the aide of a highly organized statesman, named Thomas Cromwell.  Will we see a repeat in history, only with a subject line: as capitalism?

Cromwell was a level-headed and logical thinker, with a background in the legal world, not papacy.  Was he placating his master, or feeding an obsession?  He may have been a prodigy, mesmerized by the world of organized constitutional legislation… and as such, one who was obsessed to feed his habit!  He pumped the likes of legislation through Parliament, that was not equated again until the 20th Century.  He was a logical, methodical, and unemotional in his execution as Secretary and Advisor.  He held an acute perception of the times he lived in, as well as a steadfast and uncanny ability to focus on the task at hand.  He may have been a loyal statesman, who believed the rumination of his King, along with the ideologies, the dogma, and desire to erode the power-base held in Rome.  It is debated that he may have agreed with King Henry, and therefore shared in ambitions to embrace Henry’s goals. He became Henry’s right-hand man, and this placed him in history’s continuum to unleash his skills, toward a constitutional change.. something desired by “boss and crown”.  The debate as to where his heart really lay, still goes on.. in History 201!

Has Trump found his “Cromwell”?  I wish to submit this thought to you as another card.. do we have Henry VIII on the power-seat again, and does he have his “Cromwell”?

George Orwell’s 1984″ is hitting the great reads list again..  In 1948-1950, Winston Smith’s job was to “fabricate fact” and create “alternative facts”. The book ends in the loss of the hope of/from the proletarians.. with the slippery slope downward ..  to brainwashed, robotized citizens.. with “Winston Smith awaiting his bullet in the back by big brother”.  The “two-minute” hate show is still alive today .. with the likes of “lock her up”, “down with big brother”.. in pursuit of a better life for all of us  ..“populous politics funnels hatred”.. comments shared today by academics Jean Seaton and John Sutherland with Eleanor Wachtel. England, America, Canada.. we are still engaged in this debate.. psychic residue and tapings for future readers to participate in..within our continuum!  As I recall, the French Revolution got its kick start with women in the streets, asking for bread to feed their children and families; and they were inspired to protest under inflation rates, not as great as ones experienced in the 20th century at times. 

playford-rise-in-sway-hants-001-032  Then, a young adult, watching the issues of our times!

As the camera – with all of today’s technology, tools, software and programs, and networks – becomes utilized, there will be too many clicks escaping the action of suppression, elimination, etc… But there will be open margins for connection, for social networking, for merging, etc.  Just ask our First Nation people about their experience with immigration and crowd control, when it came to the throng of 1000’s at the shoreline!

As one who was in front of my grandfather’s camera as a baby on up, it was the natural tool to pick up as I grew; and once embarked on my own path of art studies, it was a natural enigma to work with..  Photography – for me –  when combined with a love of history, engages my mind, and the want to move the body to be in the places where one can learn more.. This life has already dropped me into coincidences.. and issues of our time!  Click away my fellow populous – they can’t be everywhere.. for mentoring skills please consult our First Nations, and this time place/pay a decent honorarium their way!

In solidarity to..


Love to all who stand their ground.. to my fellow acorns..and to those who wish to stand <3.. for we are there with you!


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