It’s interesting as to what moment or thought provocation moves a person to investigate the world of blogging, and then leap into it.

For me… I’ve got more than half a century in, and haven’t parented intensely (in a day-to-day operation style) for a while.  Instead, it has now transitioned to the enjoyment of real dialogue with an adult daughter.  She has things to say and express, and it is a real joy to listen to her perspective about life, and those aspects that fascinate her.  This is not to exclude my son, who made the transition back to spirit realm one November.  He too was a young adult, just embarking on a career with the Canadian military, and finally doing something that he passionately wanted to do, with his gifts of hand and finger dexterity.  Both these personalities contribute to their generation, and make our society better for it.  The dialogue continues… not always as one human body to another!  There are lessons that have intensified, since Matt passed over.  He brings home the emphasis that there is no such thing as coincidence, and now new for me, no such thing as random timing.

I set aside my training in graphic arts, fine art, writing and research, when these two souls came to join me in Earth School.  It was because of my great love for both art and family that I did not want one competing with the other, so I lay down the art.  But… transitions are in the air, and it is now time again to pick up the tools, and make contributions of another kind.  Both “kids” ..long since kids in body-format.. are still my Muses, and will be in continuum.

I was lucky in that I had the assistance of a vice principal and a group of Economic profs, from Queen’s University, mentor my journey to initiate post secondary art studies in the United Kingdom (UK).  I was even luckier to qualify studying Scientific Illustration and Graphic Design, at degree level in the UK – it was a pivotal point for me.  During that time, it was the equivalent to one-third of my life. It had, and still has, great influence on me.  Being able to spend time in other peoples’ backyards are privileges, and revered moments shared, with great respect to all.  It engages “The Law of Oneness” , and all the synergy that this musters.




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